After adding an SSD, I get horrible transfer rate between drives.

After adding an SSD, I get horrible transfer rate between drives.

A solid state hard drive is the greatest thing to have these days. So I finally bit and bought one. I picked up the Crucial M4 128gb. I installed it and found out just how amazing these drives are ... I will NEVER go back. However, I found that I could only transfer files between the SSD and my 1TB storage drives at 1-2mb per second. Something is wrong ...

Long story short I realized I had setup my new SSD and installed Windows 7 with it in IDE mode instead of AHCI mode. I won't go into detail explaining the difference but AHCI is strongly recommended for SSDs to take advantage of their speed and TRIM support. Therefore, I went into my BIOS and changed the mode from IDE to AHCI and rebooted. Uh oh, BLUE SCREEN! Apparently you are supposed to set this up BEFORE you install Windows 7. No worries though. Simply change it back, boot into Windows 7 using IDE mode and do the following:

1. startup regedit
2. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Services
3. Open msahci
4. In the right field click on "start" and go to Modify
5. In the value data field enter "0" and click ok
6. exit regedit
7. Reboot and enter the BIOS
8. Change back into AHCI mode, save, and reboot

Once you are back in Windows, it will install some drivers. Then reboot again and your good!


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