Drupal 7 + commerce + commerce product option

Drupal 7 + commerce + commerce product option

Add product options BEFORE the user clicks add to cart. Normally this can be used to select the size and color of the product that you are selling. In my case, I am using it to collect some basic information from the client about the poster they would like printed. 

Modules Used:
Commerce (kickstart package)

In the guide before this, I created a printing queue and submission process for posters to be submitted. While I liked my build, it lacked dynamic pricing, and a good receipt printing process. So I decided to take the plunge into Drupal 7 and use Commerce as my platform to handle this. I would like to say I am extremely impressed with Commerce and Drupal 7 so far!

First, obviously install the modules needed. Once you do, under Store -> View Products you will see a new tab: Option Sets. Here you can create a new option set for your product simply by adding fields like you normally would. So add your options fields and click save. Remember what your label was for the option set. 

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This is where I got confused. How do you pipe in those options? The guide on the webpage for commerce option is not exactly clear and there are no screenshots ... and even writing this I can't find it ... oh yeah I remember. Now, you need to go add a product of the product type you desire. It is there that you will see a refence field (probably default set to none). Click the drop down arrow and choose your option set. Mine is set to "poster". Save and you should now see your option set that you created. My labels are a bit off in my screenshots because I was confused, thinking that I had to make an option set for each field ... but you don't, just add all the fields you need to one option set. Anyway there you have it.

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