Poster Printing Queue

Poster Printing Queue

Poster Printing Solution in Drupal

Allow users to login and submit a request to print a poster. If there is no proof required the poster goes into awaiting print queue. If there is a proof, the poster is moved to awaiting proof approval queue and then moved to awaiting print queue once it’s approved. Once poster has been printed it is moved to a completed poster queue.

Modules Used:
Conditional Field
Button Field
Automatic Title Generator
File Upload Field

First I made a content type called poster_submission. I inserted all the fields I needed. The two most important ones are the “Would you like a free proof?” and “Is the poster complete?”. These control what queue the poster goes in. Both of them have yes/no radio buttons. “Is your poster complete?” is hidden from the user (I’ll explain in a sec).

My content type with fields:

Second, I went over to views and begin creating my views (which ultimately they are the different queues). I created a completed_posters, awaiting_print, and awaiting_proof_approval views.

The awaiting_proof_approval queue looks like this:

All I did was filter based on the node type (make sure I only show poster submissions) and by the content field “Would you like a free proof?”. If it is yes, it shows up in this view.

If no, it will show up in the awaiting_print_queue which looks like this:

All I did here is sort like I did before but change the filter of “Would you like a free proof?” to no and add a filter checking to see “Is the poster complete?” and making sure it is set to no.

The completed posters queue looks like this:

Here, the filter “Is the poster complete?” is set to yes along with the obvious node filter.

That is really it … I used the button field and rules to change the values of the filters. So my print complete button rule has: if button is pressed, do: email me, email user, populate node field and do a page refresh. I hid “Is your poster complete?” for obvious reasons. I just needed the yes/no toggle. The final product looks like this:

Each picture is a separate page, FYI. Eventually their ID numbers will be their UVA computing ID but I have yet to get Netbadge to work … soon though.

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